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How do you determine what type of stairs you need

Choosing a staircase can depend upon the budget, space, configuration, regulations, materials, safety, comfort and staircase supplier. Budget determines the style, configuration and material of the staircase and space available can determine the configuration of the stair. Configuration of stair can be straight, arched or spiral. The advantages and disadvantages of each of the stair configuration will be considered before choosing the appropriate stair configuration. The place where the stair will be installed can determine which type of stair can be chosen.
Stair materials range from traditional timber to marble, steel and glass and is chosen depending on the need, ease, convenience and aesthetics of the place.Height, depth, pitch, handrails and grilles all have to comply with building regulations and suppliers need to be contacted regarding the same before installing. Also cost of choosing a supplier who can supply as well as install can be considered while determining what type of stairs are needed.
Comfort in climbing the stairs is also considered when choosing stairs. If comfort comes first, then one can opt for wide stairs that have a less steep climb while also considering who will be using the stairs. When considering safety, landing of stairs is of importance and is often used in schools and hospitals.
Spiral staircases are economical and used to save space. They are normally used for attics, basements and two-story additions. While the knock-down kit is cheaper and easier to ship, the one-piece stair is durable, easier to install, lighter and have options like railings. The price range is $500-$5000 or more. Straight stairs can be customized but cost more and standard stairs can cost $1000-$2000. They can also have landings where they can be joined. Circular stairs are custom designed for high-end homes and can cost an average $25,000.