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Spiral Stairs - Modern Italian Design

What types of stairs exist

Stairs can be straight, circular, spiral, elliptical and standing. Stairs can be with straight flight, arched flight, swinging flight or with spiral flight. Different types of stairs that exist are:

Stairs with straight flight-

  • Straight stairs- These are convenient and functional and it is easy to go up and down these stairs. There will be a maximum of 16 straight treads in one flight. Straight stairs sets are joined along an imaginary straight line to make up a set of stairs with each flight having not more than 16 treads and a landing between the two. The landing divides the two stairs and has a depth of the sum of the step length and the depth of one tread.
  • Quarter landing stairs- These are a type of stairs that have a landing at quarter length. It serves as a resting place and also changes the direction of flight by 90 degrees. These type of staircases are more convenient and safer than the straight stairs.
  • Half landing stairs- These are straight stairs with landing at half the distance. It uses space efficiently and also provides safe, functional and convenient flight. The depth of the landing is longer by half the tread width in each direction.

Winder stairs- These stairs change the direction of the flight by 90 or 180 degrees without the need for a landing. Stairs have a wedge shape at the place of change of direction and may cause some inconvenience but can be designed to reduce the inconvenience. However, they are designed with a maximum of 16 treads in a single flight.

  • Single winder stairs- Stairs at the beginning of the winder are more convenient than those at the end as they are visible at the beginning of the flight. Also, the stairs change direction by 90 degrees in a single flight.
  • Double winder stairs- These stairs change direction twice by 90 degrees, making the total change in direction to 180 degrees. The winder treads may change direction either abruptly or smoothly. Those with smooth change of direction consume more space but are more convenient than the treads that change direction abruptly.

Arched stairs- These stairs are wedged all the along the flight but tapering of the treads is not too obvious as in winder stairs. Handrails and strings of these stairs are also curved in the form of an arch.

Spiral stairs- Stairs are wedge shaped as in arched and winder stairs but are of equal size and centred around a central vertical post. These are used for less frequent use as they are less convenient for regular use.

Compact stairs- These stairs occupy minimum space and have to climbed up with the right foot first. Their usage is limited and they are extremely inconvenient.